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At Abhi Placements, we not only provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients but help them to get human assets. We help our clients to get the suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment and staffing solutions as HR consultants ensure the delivery of profitable propositions.

We have designed & implemented the procedures that help our clients to attract & hire the best suitable talented aspirant from available pool of candidates in market.

We provide our client companies with not only bunch of suitable talent, but also discuss with them on their best fit availability, comparative benchmarking and a comfort knowing of candidates.



can be categorized into three phases, namely: -


Planning - Structure, Focus, Identify, Prepare

Implementation - Contact, Motivate, Evaluate

Director –Ayushi Online

Closure - Select, Offer, Candidate Joining

At Abhi Placements, we carefully follow best designed recruitment & selection process. Which starts right from Client Mapping (Understanding the client's existing activities & future plans, Organization Structure, Expansion plans, Perpendicular Integrations & staff needs), Job Mapping(Job Title, Principal Accountabilities, KRA, Working Terms), Candidate Search (Database, Executive / Talent Search, Head Hunting, Online Talent Search), Profile Mapping (Evaluation, Offer Negotiation & Finalisation, Joining Formalities).


For Organizations from outside Ludhiana, we provide a package of services tailored to meet not only your Recruitment requirements, but your other on-going Local Support needs as well. Such services include:


Support services you require in the city

Coordinate design & release your Recruitment Advertisements, receive responses on your behalf and shortlist candidates for you


Arrange venue & coordinate your meetings and interviews

Depute an HR specialist for your Interview Panel, if your HR cannot make it

Depute an Executive Coordinator to provide total logistical support to your Recruitment Team

We are aware that your Support Needs often arise unexpectedly and a good Services Provider must be like a CUSHION you can lean on.

Where the above Services do not form part of a Recruitment Package, we can work on a Retainer Arrangement or bill you for individual Services, depending on the nature and frequency of the services. We do share your belief that we need to be competitive to make it worth your while.

When we learn something from each other, we're formed by the experience. we are authors of each other.
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